Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Lessons of Life from Bernard Marr ( LinkedIn)

I’ve gathered up my top 10 lessons you should take to heart now, before it’s too late! Life is short. Here’s the thing: Life is too short to put up with a job you hate, a boss who demeans you, or a company with no soul. Many people convince themselves that they can put up with a job or career situation that makes them unhappy because they need the income, because they don’t know if they can find another job, or for some other reason. But the truth is none of us knows how long we have on this earth, and spending too much of it in a bad situation will only make you miserable and regretful. If you’re in this situation, take a step today — no matter how small — toward a better situation. Social networks matter. You might think that networking events are dull, that it’s boring to chat with coworkers around the watercooler, or that you’re simply a born introvert, but study after study confirms that social networks are vital to our success. In fact, the most successful people tend to have the broadest and most diverse social networks. The more time and effort you put into nurturing your social networks, the more successful you are likely to be. Sacrificing your health for success or wealth isn’t worth it. Many driven, successful people have a hard time creating work/life balance and can end up burning out or developing serious health problems from stress and overwork. The truth is, it’s much easier to stay healthy than to heal from a problem or disease — and no amount of success or money can replace your health. Don’t take your health for granted and take steps to mitigate stress that could cause problems later. None of the best moments of your life will take place looking at a screen. In our connected world, it’s tempting to let all the little screens we have access to dictate our lives. But you’ll never reach the end of your life wishing you’d spent more time checking email on your phone. Disconnect regularly and experience real life. Never stop learning. With the rate at which technologies are changing today, if you decide that you are “done” learning, you will be left behind within a matter of years, if not sooner. The idea that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is blatantly false, and you will never wake up and regret having invested in your mind by learning something new. Diversify. Hand in hand with learning, if you stick to only doing what you know, or what you are good at, you may quickly find that you’re only good at one thing. We need to be agile, nimble, and interested in many different things. Otherwise, you could get stuck in a job or career you don’t love, or that goes with the times. Think of the taxi driver threatened by Uber or the customer service person replaced by a chatbot. You can go fast alone, but you can go farther together. In other words, teamwork makes the dream work. Many people claim they don’t like to work in teams, but the ability to work well in teams is vital if you want to succeed. The idea of the solo auteur is a myth; every big idea needs a team to make it happen. Worrying doesn’t achieve anything. The antidote to fear and anxiety is action and hustle. If you’re wasting time because you’re afraid to pursue an idea, speak up, or are worried what others will think of you, you won’t achieve your goals. If you push through the worry and the fear, however, and take action, you’ll almost always find that you were worried about nothing. Failure is not an end. If you give up when you fail, you’ll never learn anything. Instead, look at failure as an opportunity, as the beginning of a new journey. If you do, you’re much more likely to try again and succeed at something else. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. So many people put off their happiness; they think, “I’ll be happy when I get that job, when I lose that weight, when I’m in a relationship, when I’m out of a relationship…” and so on. But we can choose to be happy. Happiness is a habit and a choice. No matter what your situation, if you can approach it with an attitude of happiness, you will be more successful.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Our New Member

Its our new purchase on my birthday as a gift from Salomi ....after our sale of Scorpio as we were in the research of a family vehicle to adjust all members and the buck stopped at this Big One ! So, the journey has just started and many more to come to add up to this mighty big one ( T U V 300)

Friday, January 20, 2017

2016 - Memories

February - 2016 A very sad day on 28th February as lost my father-in-law at Kochi , we got the news and travelled the next day from Mumbai airport and stayed for a week to fulfill all rituals at home. We all miss him a lot as he was the live wire to keep all connected and use to enjoy each and every moment with ease and happy. June - 2016 We did a family outing for a night out to Mahabaleshwar , staying at a cosy place near to mountains valley and enjoying the scenic beauty of the city - more to add on ew enjoyed BBQ to enjoy the occasion. December - 2016 All of sudden had a road trip to Kerela for the wedding of Lesley Paul and Eugene kiddo's third birthday party at Calicut - started our drive from Pune at 12 on 23rd December 2016 and touched Hubbali at 7 pm - took some rest at Hotel Hans ( Oyo Rooms) and the very next day started at 5 am from Hubbali towards Mangalore, having lunch at Udipi. Almost set for a good drive to reach Calicut same night as touched Kasargod at 6 pm and later from there on the road drive was with blocks and jams and slow movement making our drive pathetic to all of us plus car as took a break at Mahe Church on way for prayers and touched Joseph Road , Calicut at 10.10 pm safely and tired for the full 17 hours drive in a day with almost clearing 600 odd kms (24th December 2016). Wedding day - 26th December Lesley weds Alphin and the earlier day was a fun filled rocking event at home with ROCE happening as per konkani custom after family prayers - later all relatives and close ones having handful of coconut milk, eggs, beer and other items showering on the bride and her two friends eligible for marriage next.... awesome evening with some DJ songs and dance to make the evening memorable and enjoyable for all. Since morning , all were too busy at home to get prepared for the Wedding ( D-Day) of Leslie - making the home look like a fairy tale house with flowers and makeup happening all rooms. We started the procession from home by 5 pm as Alphin arrived and then blessings and wishes showered to both by their parents and relatives. At last came the moment to walk the ramp ( church one) with holded hands ( sorry not now) as its later - priest reciting the prayers and blessings given upon after a hour long mass. But , outside church area , we all brothers were preparing for the later part - so missed the best part of church activity. Reception at Calicut Towers - Later after the bonding and photo session , we moved for the end part of marriage - food and food only plus stage show .......the night ended around eleven thirty with all activities coming to a halt and the two becoming ONE... Wednesday - 28th December We planned to move to Kochi to meet Shiji Chiche and Mathew Chettan plus Ammichi as Vincent Uncle and Shiela Aunty also travelled with us to Chavakad on way to Kochi as dropped then at 7.15 am and later reached home by 9.15 am. But didnt even took a break and moved to meet Hrushikesh and Siddhu with family as they had been to Kerela for vacation trip. It was a awesome meeting as we had helped them in their travel schedule since the language barrier was there to talk with locals. Friday , 30th December We all visited and planned to meet at Nimitha's place in Thrissur as a surprise visit to meet her since she is pregnant and taking rest - it was really a surprise to her to see all cousin brothers and sisters to meet and celebrate Alex's birthday at her place with a beautiful cake. As , Eugene, Cris, Sharoon, Jerry, Liju and We ( Keven and Jason) from Kochi. Saturday , 31st December My Wagon R had a major breakdown due to the terrific drive from Kasargod to Calicut killing its clutch plate fully so had it changed with a whopping price tag but had to reach Pune , back to base. All in all - a costly affair trip but still enjoyed the most part as did lot of driving of almost roughly 3500 kms to and fro. Same day we started at 3 pm from Kochi towards Calicut with a break at Chavakad to pick up Alex as he was on way from Thrissur and meeting up Nimitha for his birthday celebrations. Sunday , 1st January , Birthday of Audwin Visited church and attended mass for New Year and later part of the day went in running around for the birthday preparations of Audwin. Monday , 2nd January We started off our journey back to base from Calicut at 4.45 am through Wayanad and Mysore to reach Bangalore by 1 pm sharp as it was an exciting road and wonderful experience of jungle safari in between Sanjay Gandhi National Park Tuesday , 3rd January Started at the same time of earlier day at 4.45 am from Bangalore, Wilson Garden area through M.G.Road and hitting at Tumkur Highway for Pune - awesome piece of drive through the national highway as we stopped for lunch at Goa entry road and reached Pune , home at 6 pm covering our entire journey.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fasting Days - 2015

Again fasting days started from 18th February to 03rd April 2015 - no non veggies & drinks off the cards for 41 days. Praying, Penance and Fasting to get blessings, wishes & grace to all family members, friend, close and near ones known. Take Care & Stay in Prayers.

2014 - Missed Events !

Dear Friends , Sorry to say but missed to note down lot of events during 2014 which was cherishable and memorable. June 2014 - We did a family trip to Mahableshwar for relaxing and enjoying good old times staying at a booked home stay. August 2014 - We had visit by Manoj Thomas and family for two days. We had our School Re-Union which was attended by Santosh Patra , Nilay Singh , P. Venugopal , Sanjay Deb , Sandeep Saha & Padma Priya as we had real fun as all of them stayed at Paddy's house. We did a one day trip to Lonavala visiting all major spots plus dinner at Malaka Spice with Beer ! As, it was am awesome meeting after ages for Venu and Sanjay for sure as rest of us meet in between but rarely. October 2014 - We did our friends group trip to Rutu Farms, Wai were in we stayed for two nights with families of Hrushikesh , Vikram and Siddhu. It was a splendid stay as we enjoyed the food and lot of roaming events around Wai. November 2014 - It was a month of our hard work done for Sandra's First Holy Communion as it was planned six months before. A special Day for Sandra . Lots of Invitees were there - MITL Staff's , Alexander & Fly , Meena Kalyan & Fly, Paddy & Fly, Pawar Uncle & Fly, Our Relatives from Mumbai, Kerela and Coimbatore , Hrushikesh & Fly, Vicky & Fly, Siddhu & Fly , Vipin Thomas & Fly, Bhau Patil Road Church Members , Kaitan & Fly , George & Fly , Richard Uncle & Fly , Vijay George & Fly , Binu Govind & Fly. All in all a beautiful event and got appreciation for food and decorations done for the event.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fasting Days on...

Again fasting days started from March 2014 to April - no non veggie & drinks as off the cards for 41 days.

Praying, Penance and Fasting to get wishes & grace to all family members, friend, close and near ones known.

Take Care & Stay in Prayers.

Updates of Year 2013 and 2014 .....

It seems missed noting few points of my life of last year and this year.... Year 2013 - Major moments to share is as follows: May 2013 - Our family had a outing trip to Harihareshwar Beach as we drove down from Pune - a wonderful trip and enjoyed good time at beach & sea food. Its a beautiful beach with a temple and its steps down to the sea rocks and a good mountain view of the entire sea belt - as had the pleasure to watch the " Sun Rise "... June 2013 - Me and KVV friends ( Sandy. Munnu and Paddy ) travelled to Ordnance Factory Varangaon were all have spent our school days in Kendriya Vidyalaya School through our old friend Santosh Patra staying in OFV Qtrs. Its was also a splendid drive from Pune as first time took a major rick to drive during night time with heavy rains on cards.